Salting / Ice Control Services in Surrey

Icy roadways and sidewalks may result in huge disasters. Moreover, slick surfaces during winter months may result in various problems, such as slip and fall, car accident, property damage, injury and even death. Thus, our snow removal experts take the necessary actions to de-ice the accumulated snow by applying salting and ice control methods.
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Under the salting procedure, we work by simply altering the water’s freezing point. When the water has a relatively high salt content, it will have low freezing point as compared to the one with less salinity. This creates a huge difference in Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales. By salting the walkways and icy roads, we take steps to reduce the freezing point of water, which forms ice. In this way, Surrey salting services helps in melting of the ice and avoids the freezing of rain or the accumulation of snow.

Ice Control

Our snow removal experts pretreat various snowy surfaces by using ice melting devices prior to the arrival of a storm and also provide deicing & ice clearing services Surrey. Thus, we make sure about safety of people and properties, while make subsequent easy ice and snow removal procedure. Thus, we make sure about minimum deicer usage followed by reduction in the influence of ice control on different properties and the entire environment. Application of suitable ice-melting chemicals during the start or before freezing precipitation avoids the formation of any bonded ice over the pavement. This makes sure about safe passage for motorists and pedestrians from the storm outset. Use of anti-icing applications is especially useful on steps and parking spaces, sidewalks, as each of them become slip and fall hazards quickly with freezing precipitation process.

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We make use of rock salt to lower the freezing point of water, which helps us to melt the ice on the roads.

Cheese brine, beet juice, mixture of molasses, etc. can be used to handle the ice accumulation on the roads.

Yes, we provide snow removal, ice control and salting services to all domains whether it is private sector or government sector.

No, we provide the same type of services to all sectors without discriminating any particular domain or sector.

No, our aim is to reach the problem site as soon as possible. The moment we receive a booking, we send our team immediately to clear out the roads of that area.